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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Time For A Change

After 5 years, we are discontinuing writing new Just Pets Blog Posts. Efforts to “empower the pet parent consumer” are continuing through research and our future publications. Thank you. Visit our Purely Pet Care Just Pets Shop link.

Après 5 ans, sont appelés à disparaître l'écriture de nouvelles seulement Animaux blog Messages. Les efforts visant à "responsabiliser le consommateur de parent animal" se poursuivent par la recherche et nos futures publications. Merci. Visitez notre purement lien Pet Care Juste Animaux Shop.
Nach 5 Jahren sind wir Absetzen Schreiben neuer Nur Haustiere Blog Beiträge. Die Bemühungen um die "Stärkung der Elterntier Verbraucher" durch Forschung und den weiteren Veröffentlichungen fort. Danke. Besuchen Sie unsere Rein Tierbetreuung Haustiere Nur Shop-Link.
Después de 5 años, estamos descontinuando escribir nuevas Just Animales mensajes de blog. Los esfuerzos para "empoderar a los consumidores de los padres de mascotas" continúan a través de la investigación y nuestras futuras publicaciones. Gracias. Visita nuestra Puramente enlace Pet Care Sólo admiten Shop.
После 5 лет, мы прекращаем писать новые Всего Питомцы Блог сообщения. Усилия, направленные на "расширение прав и возможностей домашних животных родительский потребителя" продолжают посредством научных исследований и наших будущих публикациях. Спасибо. Посетите наш Чисто Уход за питомцами Просто Домашние животные магазин ссылку.
Posle 5 let, my prekrashchayem pisat' novyye Vsego Pitomtsy Blog soobshcheniya . Usiliya, napravlennyye na " rasshireniye prav i vozmozhnostey domashnikh zhivotnykh roditel'skiy potrebitelya " prodolzhayut posredstvom nauchnykh issledovaniy i nashikh budushchikh publikatsiyakh . Spasibo. Posetite nash Chisto Ukhod za pitomtsami Prosto Domashniye zhivotnyye magazin ssylku.  
Po 5 latach, jesteśmy zaprzestaniu pisania nowych Tylko zwierzęta blogach. Wysiłki zmierzające do "przyznania praw konsumenta zwierzę nadrzędny" są kontynuowane poprzez badania i naszych przyszłych publikacji. Dziękuję. Odwiedź naszą czysto Opieka Wystarczy Zwierzęta Sklep link.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Natural Living with Dogs

Requests from our readers for a guide - NATURAL LIVING WITH DOGS - to what is in the pet food bag has just been released with revised cookbook editions - THE CANINE CHEF and THE FELINE CHEF - A Cook 'n Care Book at Amazon.com - ebook and paperback.
NATURAL LIVING WITH DOGS is a guidebook to help the pet parent consumer through the maze of marketing and advertising in the pet food industry.  Included is a chapter on pet food ingredients, how pet food is made,  supplemented, labeling requirements and regulated by the AAFCO American Association of Feed Control Officials, FDA, Food & Drug Administration. The consumer will learn why carbohydrate values are missing from the ingredients panel, and how to calculate for them. Defining ingredient terms will aid the pet parent consumer in evaluating pet foods that are the most appropriate for their pet companion’s needs. NATURAL LIVING WITH DOGS will help empower the pet parent to determine what is in the bag of food and is it what they really want for their pet companions.
Other chapters include information on specialty topics such as vaccinosis, adverse reactions to vaccines, rock chewing, hypothermia, cranberries, pumpkin, antibiotics, and a myriad of helpful alternatives to mainstream care. 
Other books by the Author at Amazon.com
The Canine Chef - new/revision
The Feline Chef - A Cook 'n Care Book

Feline Kitchen - Natural Nutrition & Care for Cats- Out of print
Canine Kitchen Foods - Natural Food Recipes for Dogs- Out of Print
Canine Kitchen Treats - Natural Treat Recipes for Dogs- Out of Print
Paws, Purrs & Feathers - Natural Cookbook for Dogs, Cats & Birds- Out of Print
Avian Cookery- Out of Print